Dr. Saj Jivraj: Full Arch Rehabilitation: Concepts to Deliver Predictable Restorative Solutions

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August 2 - 4, 2018 Tuition: $2995 US - 18 Credit Hours







Edentulous patients and patients with a terminal dentition who want a fixed prosthetic rehabilitation are very often faced with time-consuming, expensive, and uncomfortable bone grafting procedures. The perceived complexity of rehabilitation is a great obstacle to treatment acceptance for these patients and many dental clinicians as well. The All-on-4® treatment concept was developed by Nobel Biocare to eliminate many of the difficulties facing patients and clinicians.

At times we are faced with further challenges requiring the use of other advanced techniques to acquire posterior anchorage for a full-arch prosthesis. The Brånemark System® Zygoma implant addresses the situations where posterior support cannot be achieved with the traditional All- on-4® treatment concept. This course will allow the participant to understand the principles involved in the the rehabilitation of a fully edentulous patient utilizing the All-on-4® treatment.

The course will cover all aspects of the treatment process from diagnosis to delivery allowing the participant to take practical knowledge to their practice and be comfortable in rehabilitation of the edentulous patient utilizing graft-less procedures.

This all-inclusive Full Arch Restorative Course is designed to empower clinicians to provide full-arch immediate-load prostheses for edentulous and terminal dentition patients. Both fixed and removable options will be discussed. Learn the prosthetic procedures required to treat these cases in your office from the provisional to final stages, including maintenance.

Case selection principles, risk factors and preventative treatment planning will be stressed in order to help participants avoid and manage complications related to provisional and definitive restorations.


Course objectives are for all participants to become knowledgeable in the following:
• Fundamentals of diagnosis and treatment planning
• Digital planning and design
• Biomechanics of full arch restorations (including zygoma)
• Fixed vs Removable options – how to decide
• Clinical step by step approach
• Graftless solutions from diagnosis to delivery • Immediate loading – practical applications
• Provisional restorations
• Materials for the definitive restoration
• Occlusal considerations
• Communicating with the laboratory technician
• Maintenance requirements

Hands on Procedures:
1. Conversion of a full arch
2. Digital planning
3. Framework try in


14 hours lecture AGD Subject code: 610

4 hours participation AGD Subject code: 610


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