José Carlos Martins da Rosa - The Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR Advanced)

September 24 - September 26, 2018

LEVEL II: September 24 - 26, 2018 Tuition: $5500 US - 23 Credit Hours

Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration 3-Day IDR Courses: Immediately  Loaded  Implants  in  Compromised Sockets

The Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) is a surgical and prosthetical technique established to  broaden indications for  immediate loading on  individual teeth. In this way, tissue losses with varied extensions are reconstructed in the same surgical session of implant placement and provisional crown installation, reducing the number of interventions and maintaining predictability on esthetic aspects. The IDR protocol was developed more than 10 years ago from the need to minimize the treatment time and morbidity of  reconstructive procedures used in  these cases.



(IDR Advanced) – September 24-26, 2018

The first edition of the IDR Advanced Course will take place on September 24-26, 2018 at Pikos Institute. In addition to the new theoretical content, a practical training in specific IDR models is prepared, in which participants could apply all the steps of the reconstruction technique using cortico- cancellous graft and triple graft harvested from the maxillary tuberosity. It is a course specially developed for professionals who have already taken part in the IDR Level I Course and already have experience in the subject, since the main focus is the resolution of complex cases that present major bone defects associated or not to gingival recessions.

15.5 hours lecture AGD Subject code: 690

7.5 hours participation AGD Subject code: 690


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September 24 - September 26, 2018