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Alveolar Ridge Strategies: Single Tooth to Full Arch Reconstruction

June 10 - June 13, 2020
November 18 - November 21, 2020

June 10-13, 2020 Tuition: $6800 US - 31 Credit Hours
November 18-21, 2020 Tuition: $6800 US - 31 Credit Hours
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Alveolar Ridge Strategies: Single Tooth to Full Arch Reconstruction is the practical application of the Pikos Institute Philosophy in hard tissue management for implant reconstruction. It is designed for clinicians who wish to develop proficiency in performing implant hard tissue augmentation procedures. This advanced level course is for clinicians who desire to improve their knowledge and skill sets in hard tissue grafting for implant dentistry. The focus is on reverse tissue engineering in optimization of hard tissue architecture for implant site development and implant placement.

A sequential 3D digital diagnostic protocol will be utilized to improve patient selection, graft site evaluation, harvest site assessment and to minimize complications. Contemporary surgical bone grafting protocols, including extraction site management, ridge expansion, GBR, mesh with BMP and autogenous block grafting will be presented. A dedicated section of the course will address bone grafting complications.

This course will include a hands-on hard tissue grafting workshop and LIVE surgical demonstration cases.Click for Testimonials

Top 5 Reasons

To Attend Alveolar Ridge Strategies: Single Tooth to Full Arch Reconstruction

In this unique bone grafting course, you’ll come to:

  1. Understand the 6 key principles for predictable alveolar ridge bone grafting.
  2. Discover the science and art of alveolar ridge bone grafting via unique interactive lecture discussion, live surgery demonstration, and hands-on workshops.
  3. Learn from Dr. Pikos’ 30 years of bone graft experience.
  4. Experience a unique learning environment for increasing your surgical skill sets.
  5. Learn not just “the how-to”, but also “the why” and “the why not.”

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Describe the practical application of the Pikos Institute Philosophy for advanced hard tissue augmentation, incision design and suturing techniques for predictable implant rehabilitation.
  2. Understand the indications, guidelines, and surgical protocols for advanced bone grafting procedures.
  3. Perform implant related advanced hard tissue augmentation procedures.
  4. Describe the anatomy, biology and wound healing of advanced bone grafting procedures.
  5. Recognize, manage and prevent complications associated with advanced bone grafting.

Course Topics:

  • Pikos Institute Philosophy of oral implant rehabilitation for hard tissue augmentation.
  • Sequential 3D digital diagnostic protocol to evaluate hard tissue donor sites and post graft recipient sites.
  • Key principles and algorithms for science based, predictable advanced bone grafting.
  • Site specific hard tissue architecture and wound healing as it relates to advanced bone grafting and case success.
  • Clinically significant anatomic variables for autogenous, allogeneic and xenograft bone grafting.
  • Evidence based data from 20 year retrospective and prospective mandibular block graft studies.
  • Biomechanical principles consistent with reverse tissue engineering of bone grafts.
  • Indications and surgical protocols for extraction site management, ridge expansion, GBR, allograft particulate grafting with resorbable barriers and autogenous block grafting.
  • Growth factor technology (PRGF, PDGF, BMP-2) in conjunction with bone grafting protocols.
  • Risk Management issues / informed consent for advanced bone grafting.
  • Recognition, management and prevention of complications associated with bone grafting.

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27 hours lecture AGD Subject code: 690, 4 hours participation AGD Subject code: 690



"Excellent course! It was full of real cases, real successes, challenges and failures. Everything was thoroughly explained, starting with the underlying science all the way through surgery to restorative success. Dr. Pikos’ education and delivery style made the course both valuable and fun."
Dr. Shepard Delong – GP – Lake Oswego, OR

"Being a senior OMS faculty at an academy medical center, we are frequently doing reconstruction and bone graft. Having been to numerous surgically centered CE courses, I have found this course to have been the most surgically and clinically beneficial course of all. The many pearls of knowledge will have great benefit for all procedures from the simple “doghouse” rehabilitation to the large “castles.” I will be a future participant for other Pikos Institute courses."
Dr. Butch Ferguson – OMS – Martinez, GA

"Dr. Pikos’ experience, wisdom and insights are shared openly, professionally and most importantly to assist. Many learn how to help patient’s outcomes with challenging cases. Dr. Pikos is a consummate colleague and mentor. The Pikos Institute raises the bar on all levels. The team, venue and mission are obvious…to provide a phenomenal experience. Well done! Highly recommended."
Dr. Jim Hamman – GP – Ripon, WI

"As my implant experience grew, I began to realize my limitations. I sought additional training that would help me achieve my goal of providing long-lasting, predictable results. The information, knowledge and hands-on experience at Pikos Institute will propel my implant practice to greater heights."
Dr. David Graham – GP – Jefferson Hills, PA

"This is like drinking from a fire hose. There is a wealth of information presented! Luckily there are excellent hand-outs provided. Getting the billing codes will help me and my office staff."
Dr. Cecil Dorsett – OMS – Gadsden, AL

"Misch was my guru; Pikos took over in my mind. I sincerely appreciate his love of teaching. The surgeon is a true master."
Dr. Greg Tharp – Prosth. – Flowood, MS

"A no-brainer course! Can’t wait to take the sinus grafting and soft tissue courses. New things being implemented Monday morning."
Dr. David Sullivan – GP – Brentwood, TN

"Wish I had done this 20 years ago!"
Dr. Rick Sullivan – GP – Brentwood, TN

June 10 - June 13, 2020
November 18 - November 21, 2020